Tips for your trip to Trieste

Trieste is referred to in travel guides as "the forgotten beauty behind the hedge of thorns" – the attribute beautiful often appears in connection with the northern Italian port city. Rightly so! Thinking back to my trip to Trieste, I see a romantic city – unobtrusively romantic -, illuminated squares, boats bathed in a golden-yellow light, moored in the harbor, remember the hot chocolate in Piazza Unita d'Italia, the beautiful Miramare Castle and feel warmth.

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I recommend arriving by train – I myself took the train from Berlin to Trieste. It took ca. 16h, a few changes, but special view of moving landscapes, a lot of green, at some point the Alps, over the Brenner and past Venice finally to Trieste. I stayed in the city on the Adriatic for a full three days. In my imagination I saw myself reading by the sea, but no, I didn't get to do that. There was just so much to discover.

3 tips for a trip to Trieste

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1. Piazza UnitA d'Italia

trieste town hall square

The large square, facing the open sea, is an ideal starting point to explore Trieste. Here you can sit down for a while, enjoy the panoramic view and admire the town hall – Palazzo Municipio – as well as the eclectic facades. And slowly pull out the map or smartphone to locate you. You'll see that most of the most famous sights of the northern Italian metropolis are close by. Maybe linger a little longer and enjoy a hot chocolate with cream – served in an extra glass – in one of the cafes in the square. A short walk (which also works the muscles in the legs)!) along Via del Cattedrale then leads you up to the castle and cathedral Cattedrale di Sian Giusto, but better to venture the climb outside the midday heat.

2. Miramare Castle

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Bus 36 from Piazza Oberdan goes along the coast to Miramare Castle (terminal stop). The place around Miramare and also the castle itself radiate something magical. The bright white in contrast to the turquoise water makes you want to take a selfie – especially with the small statue at the end of the embankment.

Thousands of plants thrive in the Romantic-era castle park, and beautiful paths invite you to stroll and daydream. The interior of the castle is not to be missed, the partly original furnishings would make any Schoner Wohnen catalog crumble to dust. There are really unique pieces and each room has its own story. I found the study rooms particularly interesting, with the sea right at your back.

miramare from afar trieste travel tips

3. By boat from Trieste to Muggia

By boat or bus to the small fishing village of Muggia. The crossing by boat takes only a few minutes. The boat stop in Muggia is inconspicuous, you'll find it – if you look towards Trieste, a little north-west from the small harbor – it's just a few minutes walk. Muggia is a quiet, sleepy place to spend a nice long afternoon. Stroll through the alleys, eat fresh fish and – like most Italians at noon – drink a glass of wine. Simple life, but often simple is so good.

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