The top 5 New Year’s resolutions (and how we finally make them easier to keep)

Every year: On 31.12. we are full of good intentions. And two weeks later? Is often no longer much of it to see. Do you also want to put an end to it this year?? Wonderful! Fortunately, there are always a few tricks you can use to outsmart yourself and ultimately bring about the desired change.

# Place 5: Be more frugal

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Is still so much month left at the end of the money? You're not alone: Being more frugal is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions every year. The destination can be interpreted in different ways. For some, this means eating out less once a week; for others, it means paying €50 a month into a savings account. Whatever your method – let it encourage you to save for one thing above all: your future.

#4: Less work / stress

That we work too much is a sad and yet seemingly hardly changeable fact for many. Even if you love your job, you need a break sometimes! Just under half of Austrians even complain about working overtime too often. So, feel free to communicate your good resolution to your boss: Because if you take better care of yourself, you'll ultimately perform better.

# Place 3: Live healthier

A classic: Goodbye, fast food and take-away! Put more greens on your plate, cook your own food more often, add variety to your diet, finally quit smoking: That or something similar is what the New Year's resolution "Live healthier" means for you. Important is of course time. So definitely squint at resolution #4 and see if something can't be done about it🙂

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#2: Lose weight / Sport

Every year, the resolution to do more sports narrowly overtakes the healthy eating item. Because for some, it's all about fitness and improving their overall physical well-being. Others want the pounds to fall off. And some people, who can already hear their spinal discs crunching from their computer job, make a rock-solid resolution to finally do something good for their spine.

# Place 1: More time for the essentials

The annual winner among New Year's resolutions may be formulated in many different ways – in the end, it always says the same thing: We want to allow ourselves more time for what is really important. The clearer our idea of what that could be, the more successful the resolution, of course. Maybe it's more time with the family, or with yourself. A simple self-test: What have I missed in the last weeks or months?? What would I do if I had a spontaneous day off tomorrow because the office is under water?? Or, for the brave: If I only had 12 months to live – how would I spend them??

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget what makes us tick and where our true talents and passions lie. This resolution does not mean to only "do what you want" in the new year. That is hardly possible. But almost certainly we can still create a better balance between what we need to do now and what we really want to spend our time on.

Our top tips for achieving your New Year's resolutions

Ever thought about when and where it comes to achieving goals? Quite right – in the business world. Therefore, methods from project management can help us to tackle and successfully implement our private goals as well.

Formulate SMART

The abbreviation SMART is an acronym from project management. The first letters show how the goal should be formulated:

Specific – Make your resolution specific! Much better than "losing weight" is to e.g.Lose 0.5 kg per month"

Measurable – Can you quantify your success? If your goal is only "to do sports", you have theoretically already "achieved" it after one training session. Better: "Jogging twice a week for 1 hour each time"

Who actually wants you to achieve your goal? If it is not you – think about it again.

Accepted – Seems obvious, but it's not: make yourself aware if it's really YOUR goal and you feel a strong, internal motivation to achieve it. Your partner wants you to live healthier, but you actually like everything the way it is? Here's where you should question your motives.

Be realistic – Let's face it, going from 0 to 100 rarely works well. This also includes quitting smoking, lazing around, arguing or anything else overnight. Much better are small steps that are truly achievable and whose achievement motivates you/you.

Deadline – If there is no deadline, there is also eternal postponement. It's like that in the world of work and also with New Year's resolutions. Therefore, on the 31st. March (or whatever date you choose) there will be a status check and review: Am I working on achieving my goals? What have I achieved so far? And seeing success is simply good for you.

Search for like-minded people

The classic: Together you are less alone! Those who seek allies to achieve their goals are proven to have a higher chance of success. Both in the positive, mutual motivation, and as a gentle "kick in the butt" when someone in the club is dragging their feet again.

Keeping a success diary

It's super important to praise yourself once in a while, too. Make a note every day of what you've accomplished that brings you closer to your goals! This can be something small like, "in the cafeteria, chose the healthy alternative". This is the success diary you open when you get discouraged or weak. There will always be bad days – don't let them throw you off course! You have everything in you that you need to achieve your New Year's resolutions. And if three steps forward are followed by one step back, you're still on the home stretch.

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