Superbude St Pauli – The coziest place in Hamburg

What is it actually like when you arrive somewhere, put your first foot on the threshold and think to yourself, "Cool, here I stay"?? My heart beats for the unusual, the imperfect and especially for cool locations. Exactly such a location I found with the Superbude St Pauli.

Here I leave my heart and a part I probably forgot this time too. And where? In the heart of St. Pauli in Hamburg, I found what I've apparently always been looking for in the Superbude: Overnight stay with coolness factor!

Superbude St Pauli at a glance:

Superbude St Pauli – A telecommunications office in a new guise

What do you do with old buildings that have served their purpose?? Either they will be flattened and make room for something new. Vegan scene cafes and burger temples. Or you give them a new robe. The latter is, if it is done well, of course the more interesting option.

The telecommunications office on Juliusstrasse should not lose its original charm. But also the flair of the Hamburg Schanze should find its way here. This is exactly the balancing act that the Superbude has mastered with flying colors.

Everything in the Superbude was designed to avoid any damage to the building. The interior design was deliberately adapted by the architects to create a living room flair. Here is a cozy sitting area. There is a detail that makes you think.

Superbude St Pauli Hamburg Lobby

What's so great about the Superbude St Pauli??

Whether you're just a few miles or thousands from home. The Superbude will surely cast a spell on you. One word. Living room. I felt good, as if I had always been there. What you can always lure me with? A fresh Nutella bread. That's exactly what you get in the very cozy lobby.

Superbude St Pauli Hamburg

Everything invites you to just let yourself go. Simply relaxed and with a lot of sources for inspiration. If it should be something sweet, then put together a mixed bag for yourself. You like it hearty? No problem.

The Kitchenclub, which is located inside the 50 meter long lobby, has all the equipment you need for your small appetite. frozen pizza, curry-king& Co. you can buy and enjoy at any time of the day or night. If the night was long and your head is pounding, then you might need a pickle and an aspirin. An excellent combination in my opinion.

Superbude St Pauli Hamburg Breakfast

Small Things Matter in the Superbude St Pauli

Keep your eyes open. Everywhere there is something to discover. Details are what really bring the Superbude to life. Every corner is teeming with people. There's reading material on the walls in the den for example. Here you get inspiration for your stay. Even in the shower, the Superbude St Pauli is present. Shampoo and soap with a real super stall smell. If you like it, you can take it home for a little money.

Superbude St Pauli Hamburg breakfast area

Mediterranean flair can be found throughout the Superbude. In the wood paneling ropes are milled throughout the house. A concept that runs like a thread through all the rooms. By the way, the wheelbarrow lounges in the lobby are especially cool. Just hang out and unwind. For small guests there's also a stroller parking in the stairwell. If that is not prestige?

Breakfast with a difference

Sometimes the only thing you need in the morning is a fresh waffle. Best with original Supebuden waffle dough. Maple syrup on it. Ready. Not a fan of waffles? Also no problem. Coffee drinkers are spoiled with fair trade variations. Roll eaters with different types and breads. Whether you like it sweet or savory, you will be more than satisfied.

Superbude St Pauli Hamburg Design

Just a stone's throw away

Located in St. The Superbude is a hub for night owls, soccer fans and street art lovers in Hamburg's Pauli and Schanzenviertel districts. Hardly out the door, you are in the life. The Schanze is lively and alternative. Just like the Superbude. So go ahead, head to a part of town that never sleeps.

All in one a super joint, this Superbude.

If you want to know more about the Schanzenviertel and maybe street art in St. If you want to know more about Pauli, I recommend the article by Raus ins Leben:

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