Solo trip: Three vacation destinations for solo travelers

The trend towards solo travel has grown more and more in recent years. Different studies prove that ever more humans would like to go alone on journeys, also Germans: Thus a questionnaire* showed that even each third would plan the next journey most gladly as solo trip. We show five destinations that are perfect for solo travelers thanks to the variety of activities they can do.

1. St. Pete/Clearwater: Beach vacation combined with city trip

In St. Pete/Clearwater on the Gulf of Mexico, an exciting potpourri of activities awaits solo travelers, so boredom is a foreign word there. Even the arrival is easy thanks to direct flights from Frankfurt with Eurowings Discover to the nearby Tampa Airport. Arrived in St. Pete/Clearwater, you are now spoilt for choice: do you want to start off by visiting one of the region's beautiful beaches, such as St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island Beach or Clearwater Beach to soak up the sun or explore the multifaceted city of St. Pete. Explore Pete? Here you'll find a large portfolio of excitingly presented museums, a colorful street art scene, diverse local restaurants and, of course, more than enough shopping opportunities. Don't miss one of the more than 35 craft beer breweries in the region. During a so-called "Beer Flight" you can not only get to know special types of beer, you can also make contacts very easily during a beer tasting. In the evening, be sure to check out the vibrant nightlife around Central Avenue in St. Dive in Pete. Here you will find various unique bars and clubs with live music, fancy drinks and much more.

2. Iceland: A mecca for solo travels

For several years, Iceland has been considered one of the best destinations for solo travelers in Europe. There are many reasons for this: the country attracts with an impressive nature consisting of mountains, glaciers, hot springs, fjords, vast expanses and pitch-black beaches. Many popular points in Iceland can be easily explored on day trips from Reykjavik. Many tours take place in groups, so you can get to know like-minded travelers. Alternatively, you can also go with a private guide or on your own. In addition, the country is one of the safest in the world and you have no communication problems with English. The journey to Iceland can be made easily and at reasonable prices with the Icelandic airline PLAY. This flies from Berlin and soon also from Stuttgart to Reykjavik. By the way: If you have a destination in mind that is a bit further away, such as New York, Boston or Orlando, you can still pay Iceland a visit. So you can first fly with PLAY to Reykjavik, spend a few days exploring the land of fire and ice and then continue your journey with PLAY to your final destination.

3. Maldives: Rest and relaxation in paradise

Many think that the Maldives is only a destination for honeymooners or couples. But this is far from the case: the Maldives are also perfect for a solo trip. There are numerous resorts that cater not only to couples or families, and accordingly offer a wide variety of activities to choose from. The Kandima Maldives Resort (pictured below) lives up to its reputation as the sportiest resort in the Maldives with, for example, soccer, tennis and volleyball courts, various fitness classes and, of course, water sports. Cora Cora Maldives Resort is also perfect for solo travelers according to the motto "It's freedom time". Each guest has the opportunity to embark on a completely individual journey to their own sense of freedom. The goal is to escape the daily grind. For example, the wellness coach at the resort offers designated workshops coaching sessions. At Cora Cora guests can also discover new hobbies and talents. there are painting classes with a local artist or guests have the opportunity to learn to play the guitar. Solo travelers looking for some party vibes will definitely find what they're looking for at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

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