Sailing and sustainability – tips for your next vacation trip: Getting there

Sailing is an environmentally friendly way of getting around when wind and currents can be harnessed. If nothing else helps, the engine has to be used, just like with cars and airplanes. On your vacation trip, you use the resources of the region, such as water and electricity, services and products, produce waste, get out into the local nature, use the infrastructure in towns and cities, and get into contact and exchange with the locals. All of this can have positive and negative effects, especially since you are not the only tourist. So every activity and every trip leaves its mark. But there are a few things you can do to make your vacation cruise more sustainable in different ways and to travel more consciously. In the series Sailing and Sustainability we have collected some tips for you. Today it is about the journey.

Options in the choice of transport

When it comes to getting there, the question of transportation options naturally arises. The further away the vacation destination, the more likely you are to rely on air travel. If a means of transport other than train or bus is not possible, the stay on site should be longer, so that the mobility effort accommodates the duration of use. Traveling longer and perhaps less also offers advantages in other respects: You have less arrival and departure stress or the chance to overcome jet lag within the vacation, and there is more time to get involved with the country and the region, to immerse yourself in the culture and to relax. A flight with as few stopovers as possible, preferably as a direct flight, is also more economical in terms of kerosene consumption. Likewise light luggage with the bare necessities contributes to this. Airlines also differ in the efficiency of their flights and their efforts to go greener, Atmosfair gives an overview (link below).

  • Can I also travel by bus or train or is it only possible by plane??
  • Book direct flights
  • Is the airline of my choice efficient and utilizing capacity? A comparison between airlines is offered by the study of Atmosfair.
  • The further away the destination, the longer the stay should be planned
  • Keep your luggage light

Near or far? Where to find my vacation destination?

Those who are thinking more of short trips may also find suitable destinations in the vicinity. Perhaps a longer journey does not have to go so far away at all. Depending on the goal of the vacation – whether relaxation, outdoor activities, sporty sailing, culinary trip or inspiring cultural input – this can perhaps also be realized nearby. In contrast to other continents, we in Europe in particular are spoiled with a variety of cultures, languages, landscapes, seas and different coasts and cruising grounds so close together. Here you can see if the destination is accessible by train or bus, in the sense of a "rail/ride& Sail". For example, to Flensburg or Stralsund and from here take off by yacht to the Danish South Sea or to the south coast of Sweden. If you have more luggage, you can use the luggage service of the Deutsche Bahn for this. From the south of Germany also the northern Adriatic Sea and the Ligurian Sea are feasible as starting points with it. At Anderswo you can find tips for finding tickets and getting to European countries by train.

  • Can I realize the motivation of my trip also nearby (relaxation, sportive sailing, culture)?

The rediscovery of slow travel

The journey has meanwhile often become a necessity for us in order to quickly arrive at the longed-for vacation. If you already see the journey as part of your vacation, you might also enjoy the slower mode of transport. An entertaining and inspiring read (even outside of a vacation) on the topic of slow travel is the book of the same name by Dan Kieran.

Sustainability at the upcoming boot fair

The boot Dusseldorf trade fair, which starts this weekend, is also addressing the issue of sustainability in water sports and is offering the "Love your Ocean" campaign stand in Hall 11. Here the initiative shows which projects exist for water and sea protection, what companies and associations are already doing and what you can implement yourself in water sports. There are also hands-on activities for children. Nature conservation organizations such as Sea Shepherd, Reef Check and Sharkproject are also represented at the fair.

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