After I have now written several articles about changing planes and getting off the plane at various airports (Lima, Madrid), I thought: What about my home airport Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport?

That's why there's this travel blog article with really practical travel tips for transferring and departing in and from Frankfurt Airport.

Travelling means for the fewest people to go all out. If that were so, no one would look for the cheapest flights. But just in this point already begins to save. If money is spent generously everywhere on vacation, when buying an airline ticket definitely not.

Cheap airline tickets and travel to South America

If you follow some tricks, you can save a lot of money when buying an airline ticket. First of all, it is important to keep a close eye on the offers of the low-cost airlines. However, only a few low-cost airlines fly across the pond. It is already necessary to observe the large international airlines with their price policy.
However, this pays off. If you are flexible in choosing your vacation period, you can save hundreds of Euros on a vacation trip or the purchase of an airline ticket. Unfortunately, families in particular are severely restricted in this respect for obvious reasons. It also depends on where the trip is going to go. Because when it's summer and peak travel season in Europe, it's just the other way around in the south of South America. Airfares drop drastically – no wonder, who also wants to spend their vacation on a cold beach? From the end of September and beginning of October things get exciting again. Especially in the Brazilian region you can save a lot of money with the best weather. The cheapest flights to South America almost always land in Rio de Janeiro or further up in the northern hemisphere in the always tropically warm Venezuela.

The city that never sleeps, start-up mecca in a mix of tradition and modernity, skyscrapers next to beach, clearly I'm talking about Tel Aviv, probably the most popular place to live for the young and hip population in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv, which is actually called Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, was formed from the ancient port city of Jaffa and the former suburb of Tel Aviv. It received its current name two years after the founding of the State of Israel in 1950. It is the second largest city in Israel after the capital Jerusalem.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only destroyed economies and livelihoods and disrupted lives, but also destroyed the plans of many travelers.If you are wondering when the novel corona virus will roll over so you can start traveling without worrying about your safety all the time, there is no concrete answer to that yet.

coronavirus travel advice

Bye-bye everyday life: The most beautiful excursion destinations at Lake Constance

Looking for the best tips for a trip or short vacation to Lake Constance? Discover the most beautiful places and sights at Lake Constance now – it's going to be great!!

Trieste is referred to in travel guides as "the forgotten beauty behind the hedge of thorns" – the attribute beautiful often appears in connection with the northern Italian port city. Rightly so! Thinking back to my trip to Trieste, I see a romantic city – unobtrusively romantic -, illuminated squares, boats bathed in a golden-yellow light, moored in the harbor, remember the hot chocolate in Piazza Unita d'Italia, the beautiful Miramare Castle and feel warmth.

trieste sunset harbor travel tips

London was and is hip, trendy and one of the world's most sought-after hotspots for city trips. This city manages the balancing act between tradition and modernity in all areas of life in a unique way. And if you're looking for a hotel that reflects this diversity of the city and is also super centrally located, then the ME Hotel London by MeliA is the place to be.

Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Canada is the second largest country on earth. But what exactly makes Canada the dream destination for many travel lovers?? First of all, it must be said that the Canadian east and west coasts are very different from each other.

Traveling in Canada: East Coast vs. West coast

Eastern Canada tends to be flat, with many larger cities in a smaller area. The regions are rather flat and the national parks are less known than their famous brothers in the west. On the coast you will hear the French language quite often.

What is it actually like when you arrive somewhere, put your first foot on the threshold and think to yourself, "Cool, here I stay"?? My heart beats for the unusual, the imperfect and especially for cool locations. Exactly such a location I found with the Superbude St Pauli.

Here I leave my heart and a part I probably forgot this time too. And where? In the heart of St. Pauli in Hamburg, I found what I've apparently always been looking for in the Superbude: Overnight stay with coolness factor!