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My last stay at a youth hostel was at least 14 years ago. When I think of it, it gives me the shivers. Well, as a child my priorities were different: stay up as late as possible, play as much as possible and eat as many sweets as possible until I burst.

But when I think about it today, other thoughts come to my mind: bunk beds, always the same food, an uncomfortable atmosphere, noise and shared bathrooms.

Hard to believe that I went once again to a youth hostel, namely to the DJH Resort Neuharlingersiel.

The DJH Resort Neuharlingersiel – More than just a youth hostel

Here there is no rose hip tea

I wouldn't call myself a tea sommelier, but rosehip tea doesn't get into my cup either. Nothing against tea, I don't say no to a tasty black coffee. But now I'm standing here in front of the tea display and I'm wondering which of the 12 delicious varieties I'm going to try today.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

No taste is neglected here. Lemongrass-apple , Frisian tea or nevertheless forest fruit? By the way, if that's not enough, you can take part in an East Frisian tea ceremony and let us explain to you what constitutes a real Frisian tea enjoyment.

You don't have to make the bed yourself

Hardly the room is occupied, we also something else occupied. Wait, it is already made. I can immediately fall into my bed and relax after the arrival. Gone are the days of fumbling with the buttons and annoyance with warped sheets. So the vacation can begin relaxed.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

djh_resort_neuharlingersiel_nordsee_youth_hostel_djhnw (3)DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

More than noodles, fish sticks and jelly pudding

Admittedly, there was also noodles. The jello, I have also let myself taste. But otherwise so? First of all, the stay at the DJH Resort includes all-inclusive meals. Meaning: breakfast, lunch, cake at noon, dinner and soft drinks included.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

Strictly speaking, the food here at the DJH Resort can be described in one word: Varied. Every day there are different dishes and a selection that really fills everyone up. Whether a barbecue evening with first-class beef rump steaks, delicious spaghetti with mussels or the Veggie-Day. Everyone gets their money's worth here and doesn't have to go to bed with a growling stomach.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

I see far and wide no double bunk beds

Speaking of going to bed. I curl up in the evening in my comfortable double bed. On which sits no second floor. The resort is different and wants to get away from the image of a boring and functional youth hostel. Comfort is the number one priority here. So you won't find the classic class trip charm here.

DJH Resort Neuharlingersiel – Overnight stay and what now?

What is already offered in the hostel? School classes have their own program, sometimes a backpacker gets lost in his spiritual self-discovery phase. Program and activities, missing. But not here in the resort.

Children are entertained here until they fall into bed in the evening. But also adults get their money's worth. Canoeing, soccer, sports programs and baking bread on the campfire attract not only the younger generation. So I also fall into bed relaxed in the evening.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

Relaxation and wellness in the spa

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

The classic youth hostel resort hardly offers relaxation. At least I rather think of functional and puristic overnight stays. But did you know that there is a sauna area at the DJH Resort?? You can also relax deeply with a wellness massage or facial treatment. By the way with products matching the region with sea salt and silt. Believe me, you will feel like newborn.

No battered tables and seating areas

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

Wood, it's here too. Why not. Wood is beautiful and cozy. Even better when this style is mixed with a modern one. The mixture makes it. So high quality wooden furniture alternates with stylish lounge furniture in purple and green. The lakeside cafe on the premises is also a very special highlight. Old stucco on the ceiling and a cozy atmosphere with leather sofas and a fireplace.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel

On the grounds of the there is a lot to discover. Whether it's a cool sport activity like SUP (Stand Up Paddling), canoeing or archery, or a leisurely walk to the beach of Neuharlingersiel with its own area and beach chairs.

DJH Resort in Neuharlingersiel, Germany

Oh, and while I am writing this, I almost forgot where I am. I would not describe the DJH Resort as a youth hostel at all. Rather than a place of relaxation with an ingenious concept with or without children.

Are you looking for more destinations and travel tips for Lower Saxony?

Thanks to the DJH Resort Neuharlingersiel, for the invitation. My opinion, as always, is not influenced by this.

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