Monaco – The Manhattan on the Mediterranean

A stay in Monaco is something very special. On this trip, tourists will not only encounter the most densely populated independent state in the world. The principality divides the spirits. This destination has the reputation of being suitable only for the jet-set life. But also every other vacationer should take a look at the principality. Finally, there are also relatively inexpensive hotels in Monaco that almost everyone can afford. In addition, the state makes itself as "Mainhattan on the Mediterranean" a name. This name does not come by chance. Because around the clock – so it seems at least – is built in Monaco. But Monaco is not only a state of modernity. This retreat of the rich and beautiful gallantly combines the present and the past.

View of Monaco

Monaco Information

Area: 2 km²
Population: 36.000

The history: a city with an eventful history

After the ancient Greeks had built the trading post "Monoiko When the Romans took over the area a few centuries later, Monaco's history began to take shape in the 13th century. century their actual course. Several counties fought over the territory, until Francesco Grimaldi seized the region by a successful coup. The Grimaldi family then succeeded over a long period of time in building up its position of power and expanding its possessions. treaties of protection were agreed upon, thanks to which the principality has preserved its political independence to this day.

Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Monaco suffered from poverty for a long time. From the 19. century, the sources of income of a branch that had been economically strong until then, fishing, also declined. The city-state experienced its renaissance through the rise of the casinos. Since gambling in the 19th century. Since casinos were banned in countries such as France and Italy in the nineteenth century, many gamblers traveled to Monaco. Thus, an important foundation was laid for more and more wealthy people to travel to Monaco. Today Monaco is a small state in France, which nevertheless forms a large economic and customs union with its neighboring country. Congresses and tourism are considered an important source of income. The about 30.000 inhabitants of the principality benefit from tax exemption. This advantage emphasizes the attractiveness of Monaco as a home region.

Monaco's cultural highlights

Monaco is a country with many faces. An architectural highlight is the building, most of which was erected in the 16th century. The palace was built in the 19th century and its magnificent halls are open to the public for guided tours during the summer months. The outdoor area is overflowing with visitors at lunchtime. Punctually around 11.55 o'clock takes place in front of the gates of the Prince's Palace the watch sign-off. Another famous building of Monaco is the cathedral Saint-Nicolas from 1875. Built in Romanesque-Byzantine style, this masterpiece of architecture surprises with an interior adorned with centuries-old art treasures. In addition to the tombs of all previous Monegasque princes, an altarpiece from the 16th century is also on display. The white marble bishop's throne magically attracts the gaze of the visitors.

Museum-goers on a trip through the small country benefit from a wide selection of natural science and history-themed museums. The Napoleon Museum attracts visitors with an interesting potpourri of exhibits from Monaco's history and Napoleonic souvenirs. In addition, the repertoire of museums from the city-state is supplemented by a ship museum, stamp and coin museum or the museum of the Chapelle de la Visitation with a smorgasbord of sacred works of art. Another highlight of the museum landscape is the Princely Automobile Museum. This exhibition includes, among other things, an impressive collection of vintage cars.

Provides the multivision performance of the "Monte Carlo Story" On a terrace of the Parkings des Pecheurs, interesting insights into the life of this large city, countless parks and green spaces invite you to take a walk. An important part of the cityscape are the modern marinas, where huge yachts worth millions of dollars drop anchor. Throughout the year, luxury yachts are positioned in Monaco at Port de Fontvielle and Port Hercule. If you want to see the cultural diversity of Monaco from a completely different perspective, you should take a harbor tour with the electric bus boat "Camille" not to be missed. Travelers should combine this side trip with a flying visit to Monte Carlo. This city, perched on a rocky outcrop, is not only famous as the site of the spectacular Formula 1 race.

Casino Monte CarloBotanical Garden - Jardin-Exotique

Monaco is a city-state in which time never seems to stand still. This reputation is underpinned by destinations such as the Casino Monte Carlo. At any time of the day or night, gamblers hope to hit the jackpot at the casino's slot machines and roulette tables. However, the casino is not the only attraction housed in the structure built in 1878. Theater and opera lovers also come and go in the extensive cultural facility. The cultural program is broadly diversified and ranges from ballet to musicals to opera.

These events provide unforgettable moments

For every Formula 1 fan Monte Carlo is a fixed term. The Monte Carlo car race has been held once a year since 1950 as part of the world championships. The special thing about this car race is that the Grand Prix runs through the middle of the city of Monte Carlo. However, the competition is not only a highlight for lovers of fast cars. In the meantime, the Formula 1 Grand Prix has advanced to a social event.

The Monaco International Circus Festival is dedicated to acrobatic feats. This event was first organized in 1974 by Prince Rainer III. initiated. Once a year acrobats captivate their spectators in January. Over the years, the Monaco International Circus Festival goes down in history as the most famous circus festival in the world. Cars race across Monaco's streets at breakneck speeds not only during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. At the end of January, Monaco hosts the classic car rally. Things are a little quieter in April at the spring arts festival. At summertime, Monegasques celebrate the Festival of the Sea in June.

These excursions around Monaco are worthwhile

Those who want to discover Monaco with all its facets should plan enough time for excursions. There is nothing against starting the discovery tour in the evening hours. Thanks to the lively nightlife, visitors to the Sun Casino or Casino Bay can hope for Fortuna's assistance around the clock. Tasteful hotel bars, cocktail bars, notorious discotheques or inviting jazz clubs promise the right spice for a nocturnal discovery tour through Monaco.

Passionate botanists will enjoy an excursion to the Jardin Exotique. This botanical garden beguiles not only with a great variety of plant rarities. The garden complex includes a prehistoric stalactite cave, which is located about 90 meters below in a cliff. A botanical counterpart to the Jardin Exotique is the one located on a 7.000 square meters of Japanese garden, which is located in the. This Garden of Eden houses a man-made mountain, waterfall and beach, all designed according to the principles of Zen philosophy. The Princess Grace Rose Garden beguiles with a diverse ensemble of contemporary sculptures and nearly 170 different species of roses.

After a shopping tour through luxury stores of the extra class in the avenue Princess Grace or one of the restaurants with first-class French kitchen an excursion to the railroad station of Monaco rounds off the discovery tour. Technology enthusiasts will encounter one of the most modern railroad station buildings in Europe, which serves as inspiration for other station buildings. This excursion into the world of technology is completed by the Heliport. This base of the helicopter fleet Heli Air from Monaco is the ideal starting point for a panoramic flight with the helicopter over the principality.

Panorama of Monaco

Tips on how to get to Monaco

For reasons of space, Monaco does not have its own airport. That is why many vacationers use the nearby Nice Cote d'Azur International Airport, which is only about 35 kilometers away from the principality. Alternatively, Monaco is home to a landing field for helicopters and helicopters. The Heliport de Monaco serves regularly flight connections to the Nice Airport. If you want to travel from the airport in Nice to Monaco at cheaper rates, you can use the express shuttle bus of line 110. This bus stops twice an hour in the Principality of Monaco.

Unlike the airport, Monaco has its own railroad station. Although the Principality does not have its own railroad company, the French SNCF offers connections to Italy, France and many other countries around the world. Due to lack of space, the train station, built in 1999, was moved underground. Trains run three times an hour from Monaco station to Nice, Menton, Cannes or Ventimaglia. Direct trains like the Ligure also serve the Monaco station. The French high-speed train TGV also stops at the Monaco transport hub.

Monaco: different from other cities

A principality like Monaco scores with a huge range of excursion destinations and cultural attractions. Monaco is the place to be for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, try their luck at the casino, or stroll along some of Europe's most impressive harbors. If you want to meet celebrities from all over the world, you also have a good chance in Monaco. Because this is where the who's who of the sports and show business meets – from Hollywood actor Adrien Brody to Formula 1 racing driver Nico Rosberg and Princess Caroline of Hanover.

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