Market cooking book.fruit & vegetables in stories and recipes – so many good vibes in one cookbook!

Nicole Ott from Cafe Himmelblau at Vienna's Kutschkermarkt has published a cookbook – as refreshing as her life in the middle of the market hustle and bustle in Vienna's Wahring district.

My personal history with taste

I had the pleasure to meet Nicole Ott personally a few years ago. It was an experience with lots of good vibes, a pleasant, exciting chat in their guest garden, which makes you totally forget the daily routine and dive into southern realms. If Cafe Himmelblau on Kutschkermarkt didn't already exist, you'd have to invent it! Nicole Ott is very happy to be able to draw from a wide range of produce at the market and to conjure up freshly cooked dishes.

She loves to bake and cook and has found her life's happiness at the Kutschkermarkt. The passionate patisseur has packed all this little good fortune into her new cookbook:

Market Cookbook. Fruit& Vegetables in stories and recipes

Colorful fruits and vegetables lovingly arranged in wicker baskets, the laughter of market stallholders joking with market visitors, lush bunches of herbs, bright bouquets of flowers from the farmer's garden – what could be better than a visit to the market?? Walk with Nicole Ott through the market in spring, summer, autumn and winter, listen to the stories of the market stallholders and let yourself be captivated by old myths about Frau Holle and her sheep in the sky.

Fittingly, there are creative recipes suitable for everyday use with all the wonderfully fresh ingredients: Radicchio Risotto, Chocolate Mousse with Physalis and Almond Tuiles, Zucchini Cake with Mascarpone Frosting and Caramelized Hazelnuts, and more. Here you are given the tools to create delicacies in your own kitchen every month. The focus is on uncomplicated, inexpensive food that is sure to succeed thanks to the author's know-how. Let the many pictures of the colorful market hustle and bustle put you in a good mood and make your plates shine colorfully in the rhythm of the seasons.

About Nicole Ott

Nicole Ott has been running Cafe Himmelblau at Kutschkermarkt in Vienna – as mentioned above – for almost 10 years now. What she knows for sure: Her recipes work. As in her first cookbook Sun, Moon& Cheesecake, she shares tricks from her patisserie school, the French Pastry School in Chicago, and also reveals tips from her chef, Daniel.

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