Irish stew with beef and Guinness – a delicious variation

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It is not quite traditional, this Irish Stew with beef and Guinness. The original poor man's meal was made with mutton or lamb, not beef. Also, carrots, parsnips and celery are not included in the traditional version, not to mention Guinness. But what the heck – this is a very delicious modified version of Irish Stew. With beef. With vegetables. With Guinness. Sorry, dear Irish. But it is unbelievably delicious.

What is Irish Stew?

It resembles a goulash and is a classic one pot recipe. All ingredients go into a large pot and are cooked together. As mentioned earlier, Irish stew was originally a dish prepared in poorer society. It originated in the agricultural regions where sheep farming was practiced. When older sheep were slaughtered, the meat had to be stewed for a very long time until it became tender again. Onions and potatoes were added to the pot – and the classic stew was ready.

Today, every Irish housewife probably has her own personal recipe for the famous One Pot dish – much like so many traditional dishes around the world do. Old mutton probably doesn't make it into the pot anymore, instead lamb or beef and also various vegetables. In addition some herbs and spices and just also quite red wine or Guinness. What is allowed is what pleases.

Irish Stew Ingredients

Guinness – the Irish beer

In the beverage section of the supermarket, I had to search hard before I discovered the Guinness cans in the far corner. Apparently Guinness beer is not in such high demand.

After I had opened the can, it rattled strangely in the beer can and I wondered about a relatively large plastic ball, which was in it. Reason enough to take a closer look at this beer.

Guinness beer is a dark stout – a top-fermented beer made from extra-roasted malt. The stout gets its creamy head from the addition of nitrogen during tapping, which develops finer gas bubbles than the carbon dioxide we are used to. And this is exactly what this plastic ball in the beer can is intended for – the addition of nitrogen. The capsule contains nitrogen gas. When opening the can, the nitrogen gas is released and also provides the typical creamy foam in canned beer.

The taste of Guinness is strong and a little bitter.

Overall, stout beers account for about 1/3 of the beer consumed in Ireland, the most famous brand being Guinness.

What does Guinness beer have to do with the Guinness Book of Records??

The similarity in name is not coincidental – in fact, the first Guinness Book of Records was commissioned by the Irish Guinnes brewery in 1955. In the meantime, the book is published by the company Guinness World Records, based in London. It has belonged to a Canadian company since 2008.

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