Guacamole recipe from Mexico – quick and easy

When we think of Mexico, guacamole immediately comes to mind – a typical Mexican specialty and a delicious dip that fascinates the palate and takes you on an unknown journey. This guacamole recipe is perfect for anyone who wants to get started. small Mexican specialty, which you no longer want to do without when preparing dips, whether cooking on the stove or grilling.

A dip that is made from fresh ripe avocados and is further refined with only a few ingredients. Rich in nutrients due to the base of avocado. A figure-conscious fruit that, despite its fat content, you don't have to give up, as the avocado is richly blessed with healthy and unsaturated fatty acids that keep the body in balance.

The combination in this recipe of lime juice, garlic, avocados, chili and cilantro with a touch of salt tastes super delicious and takes just a few minutes to prepare.

The avocado – fruit or vegetable?

Guacamole recipe from Mexico

For the preparation of the guacamole dip are always used well ripened avocados. Avocado is not a vegetable, but a so-called berry fruit, which belongs to the laurel family. Originally from South America and Mexico.

Meanwhile, the cultivation of avocados takes place all over the world starting from New Zealand to Israel to Spain and Chile, everywhere where the necessary temperature is available. There are different varieties, with wrinkled brown peels or with green peels. In our latitudes, the wrinkled brown is amplified in commerce.

Guacamole original recipe from Mexico – simple and fast

Guacamole is the classic delicacy in Mexico, it is served as a tasty side dip with ciabatta, baguette, shrimp, grilled chicken parts, corn, vegetable sticks of bell bell pepper and carrot, or served as an appetizer with cheese and tacos. Delicious!

The tangy creamy dip also delicately complements egg dishes and seafood such as salmon and salad dressings. Due to the climatic, almost tropical habitat, the avocado grows all year round, so you can prepare a guacamole recipe at any time.

The best for health

Eating the avocado kills disease-causing bacteria and even the dreaded atherosclerosis and many other age-related ailments benefit from the mighty nutrient-rich fruit. Vitamins B, C, E and K, as well as potassium and copper are powerful energy sources that lie dormant in the avocado.

Wealth in another form

Guacamole recipe from Mexico

Mexican cuisine is colorful, spicy, hot and paradisiacal. A prosperous country, where not the financial aspect is decisive, but the friendliness of the people, who maintain their tradition and live out in numerous festivals, where they eat together at the table. All visitors to the country are welcomed with open arms and can fully indulge in this fantastic treat.

Variations complement the classic guacamole recipe

If you like it spicy, you can replace the pepper with chili, which will really heat up your palate. A special note gets the guacamole dip with the addition of a fresh orange – either only add the juice or also the pulp – so the dip tastes even more fruity and refreshing.

The dip is made with lime juice, garlic, salt and tomatoes. The lime gives the guacamole a fresh aroma, which is accentuated by finely chopped coriander. If you don't like cilantro, you can leave it out. Lime juice is a must.

For the special kick in the avocado cream can also be added 125 g sour cream, depending on your own taste, the consistency is then even fluffier and creamier. Fresh herbs from the garden can enrich the taste of guacamole and spice it up aromatically. With other ingredients, a guacamole recipe can be individually and finely supplemented and specifically modified to your own taste.

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