Fuerteventura vacation despite Corona: Everything you need to know for the trip!

Can you go on vacation in Fuerteventura despite Corona? This is one of the most frequent questions that readers of the Fuerteventura newspaper have asked us in recent weeks and months.

The answer is clear: Yes, you can vacation in Fuerteventura even during the Corona pandemic.

But: what awaits the holidaymaker when entering the island? Which test do I have to present where? Are the restaurants open on the island? Are the hairdressers open? Can I do sports? Are the beaches open? Are there any restrictions? How is the mask obligation regulated on Fuerteventura?? What will I have to do on the return journey? And and..

You see, there are many questions regarding Fuerteventura as a destination in Corona times.

On the pages linked below we have compiled answers to all these and many more questions for you.

All pages linked here are constantly updated. The published information is still valid!

Constantly updated information about Fuerteventura vacation during Corona

The information you will find on this page and on the pages linked below is constantly updated. As soon as a regulation changes, you will find the latest information about it here.

In times when, for example, the time for the night curfew can change twice a week, it needs a fixed page on which the current regulations are summarized.

Of course, we invite you to read the constantly updated news from and about Fuerteventura on our homepage www.fuerteventurazeitung.de continue to follow. Also there you will surely find interesting information for your vacation on our dream island.

Entry requirements for Fuerteventura

Which documents or tests you need to enter Fuerteventura? Do I have to download the Spanish Corona-Warnapp Radar Covid on my cell phone?

Info around the entry to Fuerteventura you will find here:

EU COVID digital certificate: is my certificate valid for entry to Fuerteventura?

Since 06.04.2022 you have to present either a digital EU-COVID certificate or the QR code for entry to Fuerteventura. Read here how to check if your certificate is valid for entry without QR code:

Filling out QR-Code SpTH

Problems filling in the QR code? Here are detailed instructions and tips and tricks for filling out Receiving the QR code via SpTH (Spain Travel Health) to enter Spain:

Conditions for moving into a hotel or vacation apartment on Fuerteventura

What conditions do I have to meet to be able to move into a hotel or vacation apartment in Fuerteventura?

First until 31.05.In 2022, no proof is needed to check into accommodation in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands government has temporarily suspended the corresponding regulation.

All information can be found under the following link:

Mask obligation on Fuerteventura

Who has to wear which mask when on Fuerteventura? Do I need a mask also on the beach?

Here you can find out everything about the mask obligation valid on Fuerteventura:

What Corona measures are currently in force on Fuerteventura?

Since the 26.03.2022, all Canary Corona measures have been suspended:

Hotel list: Which hotel is open in Fuerteventura? When does "my" hotel open?

On our hotel list we have compiled for you which hotels are open and for when reopenings are planned.

What if you get infected during your vacation on Fuerteventura?

What if you get infected with Corona while on vacation in Fuerteventura, or even if you test positive? Where will you be accommodated? Who pays the costs? What is the Canary Corona insurance with AXA about`??
Click here for answers to these questions!

Return journey after the Fuerteventura vacation

Everything you need to know about the return journey to Germany from Fuerteventura, we have also worked up for you:

Entry into the Federal Republic: Tested – Vaccinated – Recovered

Already since the 30.03.In 2021, all persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany by plane had to show a negative Corona test. With the current entry regulation there is still an obligation to provide proof (3G) when entering Germany.

You can find more information about the testing on the following page:

Where can I get tested in Fuerteventura for the return flight?

We have compiled a list of all test centers on Fuerteventura (from south to north) for you. The listing is based on the official list of test centers of the Canary Islands Health Authority. Phone numbers, addresses, what languages are spoken, what tests are given, what languages are the test certificates in? All this and much more we will answer you at the following link:

Digital entry registration

Since the 20.02.In 2022, Fuerteventura (and all of Spain) is again no longer designated as a high-risk area. Therefore, you do not have to do a digital entry registration on the return trip. However, the obligation of proof (3G) on entry continues to apply.
Info can be found here:

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Current Corona figures for Fuerteventura

Current information on the general corona situation in Fuerteventura such as incidence, active cases, hospital utilization, etc. you can find on this info page: https://www.fuerteventura newspaper.en/fuerteventura-corona/

If you find our content useful, entertaining or informative, you can determine the reward for our work yourself. It's easy to do via this link:

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