Etiquette guide for the Christmas party ?

Etiquette Guide :

Dress Code Consideration: The invitation should contain a note to this effect. If not, it is best to ask for. Dress appropriately in most cases with business attire, also called "smart casual", which is common in the workplace.

Networking instead of gossiping: The Christmas party is no place to gripe about the job, colleagues or even the boss. But it's a perfect opportunity to network with others. It is an advantage not only to talk to the same people all the time, but also to talk to colleagues that you would otherwise rarely see.

Show good manners: Helping yourself to the buffet before your host makes a bad impression. Usually the meal or buffet is opened by the chef with a little speech. If you're already sitting at the table eating by then, you've done something wrong. The same goes for drinking while the supervisor is giving a speech: Until he raises his glass, you shouldn't either. Speaking of buffets: don't load mountains of food onto your plate! Better go more often then..

Oh shock – a stain! The glass tips over with contents and the red wine lands on the neighbor's clothes? Keep calm. Ask the service for a napkin for initial damage control or offer your own. However, do not rub the stain and clothes of the other person yourself. The offer to pay for the cleaning will certainly be well received.

Make sure you get home safely: If you get behind the wheel while drunk. endangers itself and others- Moreover, the accident protection expires. Therefore, it is better to organize a cab or a ride in time. The trip home together can be a fun way to end the day.

You or you? If the supervisor has suddenly switched to the confidential "You" at an advanced hour? Better wait for the next day. If he stays with the" You" you can do it too. If he goes back to "you, you have at least avoided an embarrassing situation with this tactic.

And last but not least..

Goodbye hangover! Moderate alcohol consumption is of course the best protection against a hangover. Drink plenty of additional water during the party to avoid headaches and fatigue from lack of water – and minerals. A balanced breakfast with whole grains, fruit as well as something salty will bring the energy back.

Are you ready for your company Christmas party? Share with us your personal experiences and tips! We are looking forward to your exciting stories!

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