City rally Berlin with Maranja Tour: Puzzle tour with adventure fun

Maranja Tour: A mixture of interactive scavenger hunt and Escape-Game in the fresh air offers the Maranja Adventure Club in Berlin. Only those who demonstrate true teamwork and combination skills will be accepted into the legendary Maranja Adventure Club! [from 10 years]

For whom is a Maranja Adventure Tour in Berlin suitable?

Whether you are new to Berlin, have always lived here or are just visiting, the Maranja Tour offers you the opportunity to get to know the heart of Berlin in a different way through a "scavenger hunt" and have fun with relatives of all generations while participating in a very special city rally in Berlin.

Example tour "Theodors challenge" at Maranja Adventure Club Berlin

Theodor's Challenge" tour is suitable for the whole family and includes adults, teenagers and also children over 10 years old. Children under 6 can participate free of charge. The tour is barrier-free and dogs are welcome as well. The group should consist of at least 2 and a maximum of 6 people. The tour lasts about two hours and costs € 24,- per person. The tour is conducted in German as well as in English. New is the possibility to book this tour as a special flashlight tour in the dark.

How to conduct a tour?

A tour guide welcomes all participants at the agreed meeting point for the puzzle tour through Berlin. Here everyone will receive puzzle items and a tablet for the Berlin City Rally. This serves as a guide and leads to the various puzzles to be solved. At the same time, it also allows contact with the tour guide, who will assist with questions. For the Theodor-Tour the starting point is at Litfass-Platz, which is very close to Hackescher Markt.

Flashlight Tour by Maranja Tours in Berlin

Then the group sets off and solves different riddles from station to station. There is a lot to discover here and even for Berliners there might be one or the other unknown sight. The puzzle tour leads about three kilometers through the city center of Berlin. The solutions to the riddle can only be found on the spot and only those who prove themselves as teamworkers will perform well. The city rally through Berlin ends very close to the starting point.

You can also book the tour online. It can be booked in the easy play mode also for children from 10 years, this is valid as a guideline and depends also a little bit on the interest of the children. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable footwear. Drinks or a snack would not be bad either.

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