China – Vacation in the Middle Kingdom

If you want to spend your vacation in China, you should do like the Chinese themselves and make it a longer trip. The country has so many sights and scenic features to offer that you can hardly get by with two weeks of vacation. Round trips are a particularly convenient alternative to a self-arranged, individual stay in the People's Republic of China.

Vacation in China

Destinations and experiences in China

As the highlight of any trip to China, visiting the magnificent buildings and the many beautiful cities will be a unique experience. This includes of course the Great Wall of China, which will probably forever be a unique structure of history. Most vacationers also want to take a trip on the Yangtze River. This can be booked as a cruise of several days, even if only a small part of the spectacular landscape can be discovered. By the way, it is perfect to travel through China by train. At the same time, you can enjoy the scenery as it whizzes by and travel comfortably from one sight to the next.

City trip Beijing


The capital of China can look back on a more than 3.000 years of history. Beside the many historical sights like the Forbidden City, Beijing also offers many modern buildings and shopping opportunities.

City trip Shanghai


Shanghai is not only China's most important financial center but also one of the mega metropolises on earth. The city has about 24 million inhabitants and impresses with its futuristic skyline.

Vacation in Macau


The former Portuguese enclave is now a special administrative zone. Macau is also nicknamed the "Las Vegas of Asia" due to its huge casinos and shopping malls on the Cotai Strip. The 338 m high Macau Tower is one of the architectural highlights of the city.

Other interesting destinations: Nanchang

The size of the country and the multitude of attractions do not make it easy for a visitor to choose the most interesting places to visit. Especially if you only decide to stay for a week, it means filtering out properly. This also explains why many China vacationers travel a second or even third time, because to see everything is practically impossible.


Among the sights is Tiananmen Square with the Imperial Palace, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also the Temple of Heaven should not be omitted, after all, it is also an important landmark of the city. The Great Wall at Badaling, the Yi He Yuan Summer Palace and the adjoining gardens are a must-see, as is the Terracotta Army in Xi'an.

Terracotta Army XIAN

If you want, you can also go on a hiking tour or mountain bike trip. The beautiful Silk Road is essential for many vacationers. In the remote countryside, China is pristine and real, the hectic metropolises are far away. The mountainous region of Zhongdian, Shangri-La Land, Tiger Leaping Gorge or the karst landscape of Guilin are all well worth a visit.

A few special features in advance

China has a size of 9.596.960 km² and is covered by more than 1.395.380.000 people inhabited. Tourists from abroad need a visa to enter the People's Republic of China. The first place to apply is the relevant embassy or rather the upstream "Chinese Visa Application Service Center". Different rules apply depending on the country the traveler is coming from. The processing time should be taken into account so that the planned stay can be booked.

To find out the best time to travel to China, take a look at the regions you want to visit. As different as they are, as different is the weather there, which of course also depends on the planned travel time. Basically, the time from April to June or in September and October are considered favorable. For the appropriate clothing one should provide as in any vacation.

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