What could be better in the summer than sitting outside relaxing on the balcony, patio or in the garden sipping a nice cocktail? From Sex on the Beach, to Pina Colada, to Mojito:

Our cocktail expert Jan Walther always has a very special cocktail for you in his luggage – of course including secret tip from the master!

Monumental Tower, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The documents and requirements for a trip to Argentina depend on the nationality of each tourist, the length of stay and the purpose of the trip. If it is for tourist purposes, the maximum length of stay in the country is 90 days.

My last stay at a youth hostel was at least 14 years ago. When I think of it, it gives me the shivers. Well, as a child my priorities were different: stay up as late as possible, play as much as possible and eat as many sweets as possible until I burst.

But when I think about it today, other thoughts come to my mind: bunk beds, always the same food, an uncomfortable atmosphere, noise and shared bathrooms.

Many regions in Slovenia and Montenegro are still not too crowded and touristy. But the countries are perfect for either a road trip or to spend a few days there as part of a small round trip. 6 bloggers give you their best travel tips for places in Slovenia and Montenegro.

Destinations in Slovenia

The country Slovenia borders directly on Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary and has about 2 million inhabitants. As the country is part of the EU, entry is quite straightforward and the currency used is the Euro. Known Slovenia is mainly for its mountains, lakes and also for skiing. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana.

Brazil was only a dream for me for many years. I always wanted to go to the land of samba and caipirinhas so badly that I even studied Portuguese for a year in college. This was about 9 years ago!

We didn't really remember much more than "Oi" ("Hello"). But since very few people in Brazil speak English, I had to use my brain to get us through the country. But I already told you about this and about our first challenges in Sao Paulo. And also from our first impression of the city: namely that it is not really beautiful. We are still of the same opinion.

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