The Schlosserland Saxony has a lot to offer – I was recently able to see this for myself. Each of the many castles has its own exciting story to tell and is special and worth seeing in its own way. The agony of choice on this castle tour in Saxony was between the traditional wine castle with a real prince, the oldest castle in Germany with a porcelain manufactory, the castle in which once ruled a fat man, a one-eyed man and a revolutionary or the diverse hunting and pleasure palace. Which is your dream castle?

Proschwitz Castle – the traditional wine castle

Once upon a time there was a castle where a prince happily resided with his princess, where lavish parties were celebrated and whose lands produced top quality wines..

Every year: On 31.12. we are full of good intentions. And two weeks later? Is often no longer much of it to see. Do you also want to put an end to it this year?? Wonderful! Fortunately, there are always a few tricks you can use to outsmart yourself and ultimately bring about the desired change.

# Place 5: Be more frugal

Sailing is an environmentally friendly way of getting around when wind and currents can be harnessed. If nothing else helps, the engine has to be used, just like with cars and airplanes. On your vacation trip, you use the resources of the region, such as water and electricity, services and products, produce waste, get out into the local nature, use the infrastructure in towns and cities, and get into contact and exchange with the locals. All of this can have positive and negative effects, especially since you are not the only tourist. So every activity and every trip leaves its mark. But there are a few things you can do to make your vacation cruise more sustainable in different ways and to travel more consciously. In the series Sailing and Sustainability we have collected some tips for you. Today it is about the journey.

Options in the choice of transport

If you deal with the topic of your bachelor thesis in detail in the coming months, you will have a rough idea of what the coming weeks will basically consist of. But in order for your project to be as successful as possible, it can't hurt to follow a few rules.

Traveling with children is a test of patience for many parents. Even a short car ride makes you want to dig your fingernails into the steering wheel. The reason is the constant whining like e.g. "Are we there yet?" – and that's before you've even left the residential area. So the prospect of a six- to eight-hour flight will send a shiver of stress down the spine of even the most relaxed adult!

But don't worry, help is on the way! Here are ten tips to keep your little ones entertained and happy during those long hours in the air.

Credit card issuers continually add benefits to add value and attract new customers. If you're a Capital One cardholder or thinking about getting one, you might be interested in a new benefit that will appeal to adventure travelers. Read on to see if your Capital One credit card offers this new travel benefit.

Traveling to the USA without any knowledge of English is almost unthinkable nowadays – and this for several reasons.

On the one hand, almost everyone has picked up some English vocabulary at some point, because in almost every school the world language is an integral part of the curriculum. On the other hand, there is no other language in the U.S. – except for Spanish in some parts – that can be used if the local language does not work out.

More and more brands are labeling their collections as green and sustainable, but it's not uncommon for this to be nothing more than hot air – here's how you can recognize greenwashing

Green Washing recognize Fast Fashion Brand

Author: Ilka Broskamp

Can you go on vacation in Fuerteventura despite Corona? This is one of the most frequent questions that readers of the Fuerteventura newspaper have asked us in recent weeks and months.

The answer is clear: Yes, you can vacation in Fuerteventura even during the Corona pandemic.

Sooner or later Bahamas tips appear in most travel guides – and not without reason. After all, the Central American archipelago is one of the most popular destinations among sun worshippers who want romantic moments with sun, beach and sea for their summer vacation. The dream islands of the Bahamas are counted as part of the Caribbean, and that's exactly what visitors notice on site, because perfect vacation feeling is pre-programmed here. White sandy beaches lined with tall palm trees, crystal clear water that stretches towards the horizon in all colors from light turquoise to dark blue and untouched nature provide idyll and relaxation. If you like, you can enjoy the sun all day long here. But those who want adventure and entertainment will also get their money's worth in the Bahamas. The Frequent Traveller has therefore compiled a list of the best Bahamas tips for a visit to the Caribbean paradise.

bahamas tips