Book flybillet fra sofaen. Det er nemt og overskueligt at booke et fly online ved hjælp af søgemaskiner som, Skyscanner, TravelMarket eller SuperSaver. Du kan fa et godt overblik over destinationer, afgangstider og priser, inden du booker, fordi du kan tjekke mange flyselskaber pa en søgning.

Whoever plans a dream trip to Argentina, would hardly want to miss a city trip to Buenos Aires, the capital of the country. The South American country has so many scenic beauties to offer, so a trip to the lively city offers just the right contrast program.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you want to spend your vacation in China, you should do like the Chinese themselves and make it a longer trip. The country has so many sights and scenic features to offer that you can hardly get by with two weeks of vacation. Round trips are a particularly convenient alternative to a self-arranged, individual stay in the People's Republic of China.

Vacation in China

We made it and actually built a "new" life here in Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia. We both work and live in a small rented apartment in Subiaco, a district of Perth.

Airbnb in Canning Vale

How it all started: On 6. April, exactly one year after we started our world trip, we arrived in Perth, one of the most isolated cities in the world. For the first three weeks we wanted to stay in an Airbnb apartment in the suburb of Canning Vale. We paid 36 euros per day for this little dream apartment – which is much cheaper than any hotel or hostel in the city. Instead we had our own fully equipped and completely renovated apartment, which we can highly recommend.

When I first had the idea of cooperating with a company that makes rollators, I had titles in my head like: "My Grandma Rides a Rollator in a Chicken Coop", "Rolling Grandma" or "Roll On Grandma". Something silly just, something that lightens the theme and at the same time shows how different the rollator from byAcre from the others. It's light, looks like a Ferrari and it really is: my grandma is constantly asked about her hot sled. If she hasn't already forgotten by the time she gets home, she'll tell me too. The rollator is so fancy that it works for younger people too, and especially for those who e.g. by an accident on such an auxiliary means depended.

When we think of Mexico, guacamole immediately comes to mind – a typical Mexican specialty and a delicious dip that fascinates the palate and takes you on an unknown journey. This guacamole recipe is perfect for anyone who wants to get started. small Mexican specialty, which you no longer want to do without when preparing dips, whether cooking on the stove or grilling.

A dip that is made from fresh ripe avocados and is further refined with only a few ingredients. Rich in nutrients due to the base of avocado. A figure-conscious fruit that, despite its fat content, you don't have to give up, as the avocado is richly blessed with healthy and unsaturated fatty acids that keep the body in balance.