There is a reason why I have never taken the elevator at Andersen Hotel Copenhagen. Not because our room was only on the second floor and therefore the elevator wasn't worth it, no. It was because there was a big jar of delicious sweets waiting for me in the stairwell.

…if you need ideas, it's best to ask the kids. They always have. You can't always do them, because some of them are really crazy, but there are some feasible possibilities in between. And some are even really good. Something that all children like and every child comes around the corner with at some point are board games. The classic and always popular with young and old.

AMIGO – 6 takes! Board game

We like to play board games and have some on the shelf. Some we play over and over again, but we also like something new. Then we sit down (the girls and I) and read the instructions. Always one after the other, so we three know at the beginning of the game how it goes and can still complement each other's knowledge until we are properly "in it. Boys never read the instructions when they play – they'll be fine, they think. They do then, because we "know-it-alls" explain it to them.

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There's no question that the corona virus has had a profound impact on the tourism industry. However, as the pandemic continues to evolve, it's hard to know how big and how deep its impact will be in the short and long term.

In Hamburg, new buildings are being erected every day right on our doorstep. Whether avant-garde or tradition-conscious, whether staged to attract public attention or hidden away. a-tour shows you what's new in Hamburg's architectural scene.

We offer architects and people interested in architecture unusual guided tours to selected current building projects in Hamburg. On various classic tours we will take you to the harbor district, to the banks of the Elbe, around the Alster or into the city center and open your eyes to the many possibilities of contemporary architecture. Depending on the tour we move by foot, by bus or by ship.

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial piece that could well have a promotional effect without my being hired or paid to do so!

It is not quite traditional, this Irish Stew with beef and Guinness. The original poor man's meal was made with mutton or lamb, not beef. Also, carrots, parsnips and celery are not included in the traditional version, not to mention Guinness. But what the heck – this is a very delicious modified version of Irish Stew. With beef. With vegetables. With Guinness. Sorry, dear Irish. But it is unbelievably delicious.

What is Irish Stew?

It resembles a goulash and is a classic one pot recipe. All ingredients go into a large pot and are cooked together. As mentioned earlier, Irish stew was originally a dish prepared in poorer society. It originated in the agricultural regions where sheep farming was practiced. When older sheep were slaughtered, the meat had to be stewed for a very long time until it became tender again. Onions and potatoes were added to the pot – and the classic stew was ready.

London was and is hip, trendy and one of the world's most sought-after hotspots for city trips. This city manages the balancing act between tradition and modernity in all areas of life in a unique way. And if you're looking for a hotel that reflects this diversity of the city and is also super centrally located, then the ME Hotel London by MeliA is the place to be.

What is it actually like when you arrive somewhere, put your first foot on the threshold and think to yourself, "Cool, here I stay"?? My heart beats for the unusual, the imperfect and especially for cool locations. Exactly such a location I found with the Superbude St Pauli.

Here I leave my heart and a part I probably forgot this time too. And where? In the heart of St. Pauli in Hamburg, I found what I've apparently always been looking for in the Superbude: Overnight stay with coolness factor!

Indiana Dunes National Park is today the 61st. USA National Park.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore was officially renamed Indiana Dunes National Park in mid-February, and is now the 61st. US National Park .

Landscape in Abisko National Park

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker or a city tripper, everyone will find what they are looking for in Sweden. But depending on what you want to experience there, the best time to travel to Sweden varies. In this article you will find out what time is best for certain activities, what temperatures and weather you can expect then.

Barbados nation language or Bajan dialect adds an exotic twist to our island paradise… Who de cap fit, let leh he draw de string. This is one of the many proverbs you'll hear spoken in our own Bajan dialect when you visit our island paradise.

Your puzzle look no doubt will prompt an explanation of what this colorful and fascinating colloquialism mean… Spoken in our official English language it simply mean "The person who knows he is guilty about something will react accordingly" This Colorful and fascinating language is an integral part of our Barbadian culture..