A stay in Monaco is something very special. On this trip, tourists will not only encounter the most densely populated independent state in the world. The principality divides the spirits. This destination has the reputation of being suitable only for the jet-set life. But also every other vacationer should take a look at the principality. Finally, there are also relatively inexpensive hotels in Monaco that almost everyone can afford. In addition, the state makes itself as "Mainhattan on the Mediterranean" a name. This name does not come by chance. Because around the clock – so it seems at least – is built in Monaco. But Monaco is not only a state of modernity. This retreat of the rich and beautiful gallantly combines the present and the past.

View of Monaco

Passing one cobblestone after another in the buzzing heat, always climbing up the mountain and arriving at a place where Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen already stood? You can probably only do that in Montepulciano, a 15.000-inhabitant town in the middle of Tuscany between Florence and Siena. A beautiful Italian town with everything that belongs to an Italian vacation. Almost exactly one year ago I spent a wonderful week there, recently I left you with a few first impressions [click]. But today it finally gets detailed! And a little wistful in view of all the pictures bathed in orange with a dreamlike view over the vineyards. In addition, there are coveted insider tips from my friend Caro, who lived and worked there for half a year.

Travel-Guide Tuscany with Montepulciano

Porto Santo is an unspoiled small island 43 kilometers northeast of Madeira in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island belongs it to the most beautiful islands of Portugal and could preserve its natural charm. You don't have to be afraid of the beach resorts or the "Ballermann" feeling on Porto Santo. Instead, a 9-kilometer-long, family-friendly sandy beach on the warm Atlantic beckons, a paradise for bathers and water sports enthusiasts. It is also the reason why many Portuguese have chosen Porto Santo as their vacation destination. The more famous island of Madeira scores with lush greenery, but extensive sandy beaches are scarce there. Pleasant is also the subtropical climate with mild temperatures throughout the year.

In contrast to Madeira, the vegetation on Porto Santo seems quite sparse. Originally there were many dragon trees as well as juniper and tree heather. Even today, Porto Santo is home to a number of rare plant species that can only be found on the island. Nevertheless the volcanic island makes a steppe-like impression, to which also the strong tree clearings contributed some years ago. Large-scale reforestation is difficult due to the lack of rivers and lakes. Nevertheless, reforestation programs are now underway, and numerous trees have been planted in the Porto Santo Nature Park between Vila Baleira and the airport.