It picks. All over the body. As if an army of ants would drill on it. The head cinema is rattling, showing small insects and all other life that is raging on a mountain meadow. But the smell is heavenly, of herbs, I could well stand it for a while – in a hay bath.

But a quarter of an hour is enough to get body and mind going. The hay comes from the lush alpine meadows in the Gsieser Valley in the Three Peaks region, explains Evi, our hostess at Hotel Bad Moos – Dolomites Spa Resort.

I liked the idea immediately: three days, two countries, one trip – as a German-French travel team on the road in Strasbourg and Karlsruhe. First Laurène shows me the highlights of the Alsatian capital, then we discover together the second largest city in Baden-Wurttemberg.

And so we meet at the train station of Strasbourg on a picture-book autumn day. It's a work of art in itself: colorful on the outside, flooded with light on the inside, where a glass construct docks with the old building.

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If so, here are some unique, creative, and affordable tour guide business ideas that may be just what you need to get started.

Maranja Tour: A mixture of interactive scavenger hunt and Escape-Game in the fresh air offers the Maranja Adventure Club in Berlin. Only those who demonstrate true teamwork and combination skills will be accepted into the legendary Maranja Adventure Club! [from 10 years]

For whom is a Maranja Adventure Tour in Berlin suitable?

Whether you are new to Berlin, have always lived here or are just visiting, the Maranja Tour offers you the opportunity to get to know the heart of Berlin in a different way through a "scavenger hunt" and have fun with relatives of all generations while participating in a very special city rally in Berlin.

Are you looking for a Bahamas travel guide for a perfect vacation in the Caribbean?? I have tested and compared several travel guides for the travel guides. Here I would like to present the best Bahamas travel guides.

The best Bahamas travel guides – test, comparison and recommendations

The Bahamas are part of the West Indies and are an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, they are located between Cuba and Florida. The choice of travel guides for the Bahamas is limited. Not all guidebooks are up to date, some of the recommended books are also written in English.

The trend towards solo travel has grown more and more in recent years. Different studies prove that ever more humans would like to go alone on journeys, also Germans: Thus a questionnaire* showed that even each third would plan the next journey most gladly as solo trip. We show five destinations that are perfect for solo travelers thanks to the variety of activities they can do.

1. St. Pete/Clearwater: Beach vacation combined with city trip

In St. Pete/Clearwater on the Gulf of Mexico, an exciting potpourri of activities awaits solo travelers, so boredom is a foreign word there. Even the arrival is easy thanks to direct flights from Frankfurt with Eurowings Discover to the nearby Tampa Airport. Arrived in St. Pete/Clearwater, you are now spoilt for choice: do you want to start off by visiting one of the region's beautiful beaches, such as St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island Beach or Clearwater Beach to soak up the sun or explore the multifaceted city of St. Pete. Explore Pete? Here you'll find a large portfolio of excitingly presented museums, a colorful street art scene, diverse local restaurants and, of course, more than enough shopping opportunities. Don't miss one of the more than 35 craft beer breweries in the region. During a so-called "Beer Flight" you can not only get to know special types of beer, you can also make contacts very easily during a beer tasting. In the evening, be sure to check out the vibrant nightlife around Central Avenue in St. Dive in Pete. Here you will find various unique bars and clubs with live music, fancy drinks and much more.

No fantasy: The beach paradise Jamaica has real mountains. On their slopes Bob Marley's son grows the world's best coffee and in their forests lies the origin of Rastafarian culture. Martin Foszczynski set out on the Blue Mountain Peak Trail to watch the sun rise from the Caribbean's highest point.

Jamaica Blue Mountains Hiking

vietnam airlines airplane

Internal flight coverage is pretty good in Vietnam with frequent flights to many cities. The price is reasonable and airfare can be altered without any difficulty.