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Canada is the second largest country on earth. But what exactly makes Canada the dream destination for many travel lovers?? First of all, it must be said that the Canadian east and west coasts are very different from each other.

Traveling in Canada: East Coast vs. West coast

Eastern Canada tends to be flat, with many larger cities in a smaller area. The regions are rather flat and the national parks are less known than their famous brothers in the west. On the coast you will hear the French language quite often.

In Western Canada you will find only a few bigger cities (Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton), a lot of national parks, glaciers, lakes and of course the impressive Rocky Mountains. On the whole, you can say that western Canada is pure nature.

Indian summer Canada

The famous Indian Summer, in autumn, is a bit more pronounced on the East Coast than in the West. But also on the west coast and in the Rocky Mountains the colorful changes of the trees are really worth seeing.

So far, Canada's west is a much more popular destination for tourists than Canada's east, despite the worth seeing cities Toronto and Montreal in the east. Personally, we are especially fond of Vancouver. The town is really a pearl. Here you will find at a glance.

The best time to travel

The main travel season for Canada is mid-June to September. In this time everything is designed for tourism. All roads are free, all recreational activities are available and all hotels and campgrounds are open. Summer is also one of the most popular times to travel due to the relatively stable weather and accordingly the country is also busy.

At popular viewpoints and tourist attractions, be prepared for queues and overcrowded parking lots, and if you are traveling without reservations, you may have to check out two or three campgrounds or hotels before you get a spot for the night.

But also the low season is perfect for a trip, if you don't need to travel during the vacations. The best off-season months are May to mid-June and mid-September to October.

In the low season, however, you have to expect more unstable weather, partly closed roads and one or the other closed campground/hotel. Therefore, the crowds at the viewpoints are manageable and traveling is generally a bit more relaxed.

For all winter sports fans Canada is a popular destination from November to April. Here you can find in the Canadian west the famous ski resorts of Lake Louise or Whistler. But even from Vancouver, you don't have to travel far. The "local mountain" Grouse Mountain is virtually right on the doorstep.

Here you can find more tips for the best time to travel and general travel tips

Holidays in Canada

Holidays are days in Canada, which are celebrated particularly gladly in the context of the family. The Canadians love camping and nature and so they pack up their seven things and go out into the countryside. So it is not surprising that especially on long weekends it is hard to find a free camping site.

canada flag

Tip: If you travel the country with a motorhome, you should reserve campsites on holidays and long weekends in advance or arrive very early if possible. Otherwise, you may very well not get a place at the campground anymore.

The most important holiday in Canada is Canada Day, which takes place on 1. July is celebrated. Besides the familiar New Year, Easter and Christmas, the holidays are Victoria Day (the Monday before the 24th day of the month). May), Labour Day (1. Monday in September), Thanksgiving (2. Monday in October) and Remembrance Day (11. November).

In addition, there are three regional holidays that are worth mentioning, as two of them fall during the peak tourist season. This is how BC celebrates British Columbia Day (the first Monday in August) and Alberta celebrates Alberta Family Day (3. Monday in February) and the Heritage Day (1. Monday in August).

The mentality of the people

On Family Day you might already notice that Canadians are mostly very sociable and family oriented. In general we found them to be very open and helpful. You quickly get into a conversation with them.

camping in Canada

Special features in Canada

One of the most special things about Canada is the variety of the landscape. Within a few kilometers and a few hours you can admire a wide variety of vegetation.

Especially in the west of Canada. In Alberta and British Columbia lies for example the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The gigantic mountain range stretches far into the USA. Numerous National Parks and Provincial Parks fall into this mountainous region.

Recommendations for the country

By the way, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains lies one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The legendary Icefields Parkway. On this 230-kilometer stretch alone, you'll quickly understand why Canada is known as "the land of lakes".

Each lake has a different color and each one is worth seeing on its own. But not only the lakes are remarkable, but also the waterfalls, the impressive mountain scenery and the glaciers – just to name a few sights on the Icefields Parkway.

Tip: 230 kilometers sounds like a short daily stage, but plan at least 2 days for this stage anyway. There are so many viewpoints, hiking trails and picnic areas that you don't know where to stop first.

National parks

There are no less than 46 national parks in Canada. Each one is special and hardly any of them can be compared to the others. Hiking is very popular in the national parks. Seeing the flora and fauna is as exciting as seeing the wildlife.

Tip: Take your time and don't try to pack as many parks as possible into a short travel time. You will rarely find this variety of landscapes in the world. So there are numerous natural spectacles that you will not be able to get out of your head. Turquoise glacier lakes, thundering waterfalls and gigantic mountains are just a few of the examples.

The wildlife of Canada

Canada has a very lush and diverse wildlife. The most common animals that tourists see are wapitis, bighorn sheep, lemmings and whistling rabbits. With a little luck black bears, brown bears and moose will follow.

On the coasts you can see many seabirds, among which the bald eagle is one of the most impressive animals. You can also go whale watching and see seals and walruses on these tours.

In the north, in the tundra, keep your eyes open for muskoxen, caribou, arctic wolves and foxes. If you go a little further inland you can also be lucky and see bison.

Canada camping trip

We have been to Canada three times and the country just won't let us go. The first time we traveled and for us no other way of traveling comes into question. Enjoying the drive and spending the night in the middle of nature is an unforgettable experience. In addition, we have abruptly

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We have great fun reporting in detail and sharing our experiences and tips. We prefer to travel with a (rented / borrowed) motorhome through the world and love the closeness to nature. Canada is the most suitable country for our kind of travel.

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