Bye-bye everyday life: The most beautiful destinations at Lake Constance

Bye-bye everyday life: The most beautiful excursion destinations at Lake Constance

Looking for the best tips for a trip or short vacation to Lake Constance? Discover the most beautiful places and sights at Lake Constance now – it's going to be great!!

You have to see these places at Lake Constance

Beach and sea are nice, but what about a different kind of bathing fun?? Bathing lakes also convey a real vacation feeling – Lake Constance, for example. From idyllic nature to adventurous action, everything is on offer here. The excursion possibilities at Lake Constance are so large that one could almost lose the overview. But only almost! Go on a tour with us and get to know the most spectacular destinations at Lake Constance. Let's go!

A huge freshwater lake, three states and one big question: Where should the short trip on Lake Constance actually go?? There are more than enough beautiful places at Lake Constance – to list them all would definitely go beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, we have summarized the absolute must-sees for you.

Vacation feeling in uberlingen

A desire for palm trees and Mediterranean flair? In uberlingen you can do both. Here you will find the longest lakeside promenade of Lake Constance. It is lined with palm trees and flower beds – really Mediterranean! Enjoy this flair from the street cafes or linger on one of the countless benches.

In the idyllic old town, you will find great boutiques and small stores in winding alleys that will make your shopping heart beat faster. uberlingen also has a lot to offer in the way of history – sights such as the Minster of St. John the Baptist. St. Nicholas and the magnificent town hall, for example.

Water fun is also guaranteed in uberlingen – from the exciting canoe tour to the chilled out round on the pedal boat. In addition, three lidos are waiting for you here.

Meersburg – A journey through time at Lake Constance

The town of Meersburg is one of the most beautiful places on Lake Constance for us. It is located in the middle of the vineyards and consists of a lower town and an upper town – and you can easily explore both on foot.

In the lower town the ferry port is waiting for you. From there a steep path leads to the upper town. You will pass picturesque alleys, half-timbered houses, cafes and small boutiques.

In the upper town it's getting historical – because here the castle Meersburg is waiting for you. Germany's oldest inhabited castle is one of the most popular sights on Lake Constance. You can also marvel at the New Castle Meersburg and numerous museums. Culture, leisure activities and sights in a vineyard setting – excursion destinations on Lake Constance could hardly be more varied.

Off to Constance

Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance and combines numerous things that make a place worth visiting. First of all, there is the spectacular location: Constance is situated directly on the shore of Lake Constance. The advantages are obvious: a snack at the harbor with a view of the glittering lake and exciting water sports activities – yes, please!

Shopping fans will also find what they are looking for in Constance – in the large shopping center or in the smaller boutiques.

In the old town, historic buildings such as the Florentine Renaissance town hall and the Constance Cathedral await you. And if you want something a little more rustic: the "Niederburg" district is close by. In Constance, the oldest part of town, the alleys are even narrower and the houses a little older!

Tourist feeling in Lindau

Imagine a romantic harbor, a picturesque old town and a magnificent location with views of the Alps. This is Lindau on Lake Constance! On the island town you can relax and be a tourist – watch the street artists or have funny caricatures drawn of you at the harbor. Have an ice cream, stroll through the old town and don't forget to visit the lighthouse!

These sights at Lake Constance offer spectacular views

Mountain biking, even on a short vacation: woman rides her bike along the shores of Lake Constance

Beautiful places on Lake Constance, check! Of course, the region has even more sights to offer. Lake Constance itself is already enough of a sight to see. And that's why we would like to introduce you to sights that offer an unforgettable panoramic view of the lake.

World cultural heritage pile-dwelling museum – a detour into the past

For us, the Lake Dwelling Museum in Unteruhldingen is one of the most spectacular sights on Lake Constance. A place where life in the Stone and Bronze Ages comes alive! You won't meet the Flintstones, but you can see archaeological finds and replicas of pile-dwelling villages. The World Heritage Site is one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. Let the historical impressions work on you and gain exciting insights into the life of that time – surrounded by a spectacular lake panorama.

A little bit high in the pilgrimage church Birnau

Between Uhldingen and Nubdorf the pink tower of the baroque church Birnau rises above Lake Constance. The magnificent monastery church catches the eye from afar – but you definitely have to see it up close.

The elaborate decorations and ceiling paintings make it one of the most beautiful churches in the region. The location also scores: the viewing platform of the pilgrimage church offers a unique view of Lake Constance. Up you go – you will love it!

The mountain calls – off to the 1.064 m high Pfander

This sight at Lake Constance is an absolute must-see! The adventure and panoramic mountain is located on the Austrian side of Lake Constance. You can climb the summit on different ways – the trip with the Pfanderbahn is surely the most comfortable one. In only six minutes you will float in large-capacity gondolas to the top station and enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Constance and the Alpine peaks.

But simply gondola up can anyone, or? Put on your hiking boots and head up the mountain! The paths rise partly leisurely and partly quite strongly. Depending on the hiking route, you will be on the road for several hours. Whether a leisurely hike through the Alpine Wildlife Park or a sporty tour to the top of the mountain – the Pfander is ideal for exploring nature and enjoying the views!

Now it's getting wild: Salem Monkey Mountain

Something is still missing? Animals in the wild are your thing, but the budget is not quite enough for the jungle? It doesn't have to be – just visit the Affenberg in Salem! There you can observe, feed and pet about 200 freely frolicking mountain monkeys. A stork pond with carp, free-flying storks, a fallow deer enclosure and an adventure playground are also part of the facility – fun for young and old guaranteed!

If it may be afterwards still something culture: In the Salem monastery and castle, different architectural styles meet – from Gothic to Baroque. And even the firefighter fans among you will not miss out. Salem Castle is home to the largest fire department museum in Europe. A day trip to Lake Constance could not be more entertaining.

Welcome to paradise aka Mainau Island

You miss the island feeling? In Constance, this is within reach – more precisely, the island feeling is only a bridge crossing away. You find it on the island Mainau. It is definitely one of the most exotic sights on Lake Constance – due to the mild climate, cypresses, lemon and orange trees, palms and many other exotic specimens thrive particularly well here. You get an extra kick of tropical feeling in the butterfly house – there are 120 different species of butterflies to marvel at!

The perfect ingredients for a short vacation at Lake Constance

Two stand up paddlers give each other a high five - many water sports activities are possible at Lake Constance

Use the days off to escape the stress of everyday life – a short vacation at Lake Constance is just what you need. Our ingredients for a perfect short trip: nature, water and a varied program of adventure and sightseeing.

Sports, action and wellness at the lake

You have leisurely explored the most beautiful places and sights at Lake Constance and now you want to really challenge your body? Then spice up your short trip to Lake Constance with a pinch of sports activity.

Water sports activities are not only fun at the seaside. Swimming in the lake, stand-up paddling, water skiing, surfing, sailing and diving – these are also possible at Lake Constance.

Go wild in nature and explore the most beautiful excursion possibilities at Lake Constance during a hiking or biking tour. Get on the saddle and go around the lake by bike. If the 260 kilometers are too much for you, you can also drive only a part of the route. Or do you prefer to walk? You will find numerous hiking trails around the lake!

After sports is before recreation: relaxing after an active day doesn't just sound like a good idea – it's also a great way to relax. Treat yourself to a spa day or relax on the shores of Lake Constance – for example in a beach club under palm trees while the sun slowly sinks into Lake Constance.

A short trip to Lake Constance is worthwhile even in bad weather

Dirty weather announced? Not so tragic, even in bad weather there are nice destinations at Lake Constance you can discover. Treat yourself to a relaxing time out at the Bodensee-Therme. You can find them in Meersburg, Constance and uberlingen. In addition, numerous museums and magnificent castles and palaces are waiting for you. Bad weather, bad mood? Not with us!

Our conclusion: When we see Lake Constance, we don't miss the sea anymore

Have we convinced you? What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the most beautiful destinations at Lake Constance. Relax on the promenades or get active in sports. Go on a sightseeing tour and enjoy the unique lake panorama – a short trip to Lake Constance means diversity. Get it! We wish you an unforgettable time.

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