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Five different accounts, multiple cards and one German IBAN. With the bunq account you will find a wide range of applications. By using one of the banking products, you support a company that invests in sustainable products and promises much. It doesn't matter if you want a single bunq Travel Card or a whole bundle of accounts (bunq Easy Money or bunq Easy Green). The innovative financial solution caters to both residential and commercial customers. Exciting is the issue of Maestro card, which can be offered with a metal credit card. But now we would like to take a closer look at the sustainable finance provider.

What products you get with the bunq account?

Somewhat unassumingly, the products surrounding the bunq account are on display. Aggressive advertising is absent. Maybe that's exactly why it's necessary to take a closer look at bunq's current account and put it in focus.

First, bunq Easy Travel caught our eye. As a payment card that lets you make free payments around the world, the Mastercard makes a great credit card for traveling the globe. The card itself can be ordered individually, or as part of the smart account solution. Because all bunq accounts include a Maestro card, a Mastercard and a bunq Travel Card.

Where to find the DE-bunq IBAN?

The DE-bunq IBAN is the account number with which you can receive and send payments throughout Europe. Bunq is a full-fledged checking account that you can have your pay transferred to and debits collected from. Of course, SEPA bank transfer is also possible. Because of the interest crediting, you can also use bunq as a call money account.

With the bunq premium account, you have 25 sub-accounts at your disposal in one fell swoop, so you are in proud possession of up to 25 IBAN numbers for your bunq account.

Now a frequently circulating misconception is quickly disproved: The card number cannot be the bunq IBAN. But where do you find this number?

If you click on one of your accounts, you will see the IBAN between the picture above and your account.

DE stands for "Germany. it is a Dutch bank, but you can now be offered a German IBAN. That's why we talk about a DE-bunq IBAN.

What is the bunq BIC?

As a bank of a European country, there must be a European bank code. The bunq BIC is: BUNQDE82XXX or BUNQDE82.

The XXX remains as it is, because the last three letters always identify a specific branch. But this is not available in an online branch.

Even if you only have the Travel Card, you will also receive a personalized IBAN for top-up. However, this is only used to accept the deposits. Outgoing transfers are not possible in this case.

How to deposit money to the bunq account?

There are several ways to deposit money to the bunq account. This also applies to the Travel Card. Through the associated SEPA bank account, it is possible to make payments by SEPA transfer to the Dutch account. It is also possible to use an online payment service.

There is interest for bunq?

Yes, we already mentioned the good news: with bunq you earn interest on your balance. The current interest rate is 0,09. It is irrelevant which of the 25 accounts the money is in. If you don't like the interest and don't want to pay it to the tax office, you can even turn off this option. So you have the choice yourself.

How to open the bunq account?

In the digital age, it's easy to open a bunq account. Even if you only want the bunq Travel Card, an email address and your ID are enough. When you open the account, you only enter your data. The bunq account is quite quick and easy to open. Even the legitimation works conveniently via Video-Ident. So you don't have to fill out any paperwork and you don't have to go to the post office yourself. After that you are quickly in possession of the bunq account with at least one IBAN.

Use the bunq credit card worldwide

Bunq has a credit card, which you get as Mastercard. Strictly speaking, it is not a credit card, but it is issued to you as a debit card. Although you don't get a credit line, you can use it to pay the deposit for hotel and rental cars. The bunq credit card works just like a real credit card. Withdraw cash worldwide and pay all your expenses with the card.

Every payment you make with one of the debit cards is immediately debited from your account.

But you do not have to use a card. You can use the classic mobile payment methods (Google Pay, Apple Pay and FitBit Pay) at any time via your smartphone.

The payment via NFC chip is called Tap& Pay named. Simply set bunq as the default for mobile payments on your cell phone.

Convenient management of all cards in the bunq app

With the simple bunq app you can easily customize your account to your needs. To do this, you create sub-accounts and define the limits for card payments with Mastercard or Maestro card. Everything you control conveniently via an app, but it also works on the desktop. Bunq Easy Money and bunq Easy Green are in principle normal accounts, which you use like a regular current account. You can receive payments to the account or make transfers to the account. You receive account statements in your electronic mailbox like everywhere else. A credit card is included (Mastercard as Debit Card and also a Maestro Card (EC Card)). Each sub-account is assigned its own IBAN. This is important for all SEPA payments.

  • pay worldwide free of charge
  • withdraw money 4 times a month without fees
  • 25 accounts with own IBAN
  • local IBAN in DE, ES, FR and NL
  • Real-time transfers
  • Earn interest
  • Organize and automate finances
  • 3 physical payment cards
  • 5 virtual payment cards
  • Deposit cash
  • Invest in sustainable projects
  • top up with credit card and earn miles

Can you apply for a bunq Dispo for your account?

Basically it is a complete current account. So you can have money transferred, authorize SEPA direct debits and set up standing orders. But unfortunately you can't get an overdraft. Don't worry, because this has nothing to do with your credit rating, because bunq does not offer this feature.

It is a pure credit account, which is also reflected in the issuance of a Mastercard as a debit card. Because of the lack of debt risk, there is no Schufa query when applying for the card.

So if you want to escape the data octopus, then a bunq account is a great thing to have.

What are the costs for bunq?

The Dutch company participates in meaningful projects and does not offer mass services. For this your fees are used. For bunq there are regular costs, which you pay as a monthly fee.

That's why using the Dutch account is more of a philosophy. So the fact that you have to pay a monthly fee is not a disadvantage, but a useful thing. Although the Travel Card does not require any additional fees, monthly fees are charged for the account solutions. Depending on the model, this is 8.99 euros or 17.99 euros.

Are there any fees abroad with bunq?

Card use is free of charge for you. Even abroad bunq does not charge any fees for using the card. This is something very good! Neither with the bunq Travel Card, nor with the two accounts bunq Easy Money and bunq Easy Green are foreign currency fees due. This allows you to pay in any currency without additional fees. The exchange rate is the favorable and official interbank rate of Mastercard.

How much does it cost to withdraw cash?

The great thing about bunq is that the first four cash withdrawals per month are free of charge. From the fifth withdrawal 0,99 Euro will be charged, from the 10th withdrawal 0,99 Euro will be charged. Cash withdrawal it is 2,99 Euro. The situation is different with bunq Easy Money, because there is a fee of 0,99 Euro for the first 9 withdrawals.

With the bunq Travel Card, however, no free cash withdrawals are possible. Each tap at the machine costs 2.99 euros. But the card is otherwise free of charge.

So if you withdraw cash often, the Easy Money or Easy Green models can be a good option.

  • pay worldwide free of charge
  • Withdraw money 4 times a month without fees
  • 25 accounts with your own IBAN
  • local IBAN in DE, ES, FR and NL
  • Real-time money transfers
  • Earn interest
  • Organize and automate finances
  • 3 physical payment cards
  • 5 virtual payment cards
  • deposit cash
  • invest in sustainable projects
  • Plant trees
  • purchase insurance
  • Warranty extension
  • top up with credit card and earn miles

Is the money safe at bunq?

Since bunq is a Dutch financial institution, it has a banking license and is therefore subject to the Dutch Deposit Protection Fund. All deposits on the account are up to 100.000 Euro secured.

bung Metal – A credit card made of metal

Yes, read correctly. Bunq Metal is a credit card made of metal. Mastercard, which is now a little heavier, is offered in the bunq Easy Green account. With the membership you get the metal mastercard for free if you keep the account for at least one year. A credit card made of metal is sustainable, stable and looks noble. Often in our minds, such a card is only offered to select customers with a six-figure income. The bunq Metal card has no credit limit and can be applied for by anyone who wants to have such a card. A Schufa query is not performed.

Cool thing!

However, bunq Easy Money costs 8.99 euros and bunq Easy Green 17.99 euros per month. The additional model bunq Easy Bank is available for 2,99 Euro per month.

What is the difference between bunq Easy Money and bunq Easy Green??

Admittedly, the differences are not that great. One has already been mentioned, because this is the noble metal card that you will enviously admire. In both account models you have to pay 215 Euro in advance to get the robust card. For bunq Easy Green you pay no monthly basic fee for two years, for Easy Green it is only enough for one year.

Both accounts can have up to 25 bunq IBANs, so you can create 25 sub-accounts for free.

Is there a bunq business account?

Also if you want to run your business with the Dutch provider, you can set up the bunq business account. Similar to the Qonto business account, bunq also offers a metal credit card for business accounts. The business account is offered as bunq Easy Money Business, bunq Easy Green Business and bunq Easy Bank.

What alternatives do you have to bunq accounts?

Every account and credit card has advantages and disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that the Mastercard is not a real credit card and that you keep the account in credit only. But if you take a closer look, this can be an enormous advantage. Because getting into debt is not an issue. You can also get a credit account with a metal Visa Card at Vivid Money. This one is a bit cheaper and costs only 9,99 Euro monthly.

If you want a real account with a real credit card and the possibility of an overdraft, then there is no way around the DKB account.

Even if stinginess is horny, with a bunq account you contribute to regular investments in social projects.

If you want to make sure that trees are planted with your card use, then you should take a look at bunq Easy Money or bunq Easy Green.

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