Buenos Aires – a city trip to the capital of Argentina

Whoever plans a dream trip to Argentina, would hardly want to miss a city trip to Buenos Aires, the capital of the country. The South American country has so many scenic beauties to offer, so a trip to the lively city offers just the right contrast program.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The city of more than 2.8 million inhabitants is the political, cultural and commercial center of Argentina. Geographically, Buenos Aires is located on the Rio de la Plata, the funnel-shaped estuary of the two rivers Rio Parana and Rio Uruguay into the Atlantic Ocean.

The flair of Buenos Aires

Those who have chosen Buenos Aires as a vacation destination should not want to get to know the city in two days. Visiting this metropolis is not so much about seeing the sights as in other cities, but rather about enjoying the flair and the lifestyle. This can also include a trip to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, but this is only worthwhile if the stay is extended accordingly.

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is from September to November or from March to May. Then the temperatures are still so pleasant that you as a European do not sweat unnecessarily and can really enjoy the stay. Spring is of course also the time of many blossoms here and is accordingly gladly selected as a travel date.

Argentina and therefore the capital Buenos Aires are strongly influenced by the typical music with dance and entertainment. Lovers of good food will know that the country is also known for its first-class steaks. If you want to enjoy this, you will find very good places to eat and a lot more. Buenos Aires is not only home to indigenous people, but also to people from all kinds of countries. Immigrants make sure that pizza is offered as well as Spanish stews, oriental dishes as well as German sausage.

Shopping is also not difficult in Buenos Aires. There are many beautiful markets where you can buy the traditional silver jewelry. In the San Telmo district, for example, such a market takes place, but each district has its own focus in the shopping offers.

Market in Buenos Aires

Of course, nightlife in Buenos Aires is also lively and exciting. A tango bar seems to be an essential destination on the nightly tour through the city, there are a lot of offers. Individual bars and pubs are also open and offer their part of cozy entertainment.

The sights

In Buenos Aires there are a number of museums that offer visitors a wide range of different subjects. The works of great artists are shown in the Usina del Arte, in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is the largest art collection in South America.

La Boca Buenos Aires

The Avenida 9 de Julio is full of architectural highlights, including the famous obelisk. The most beautiful opera house in the world – Teatro Colon – has a golden interior and should be on the visitors list. The district of Palermo is the hottest and stronghold of design. Some neighborhoods, on the other hand, are very poor, so if you go through here, you should do it during the day, preferring to leave your valuables in the hotel.

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires, with a population of nearly 2.9 million, has become a very popular city break destination in recent years. Besides the many historic districts in Buenos Aires, it is mainly the many sights and museums that attract tourists. Of course, for the tourists there is also a large number of accommodation facilities. You can find here big and modern luxury hotels as well as smaller hotels or hostels. Also popular are vacation homes& Vacation apartments. The offer of accommodation is very large and offers the right offer for every taste and budget. Generally Buenos Aires is considered as a cheap travel destination.

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