Bahamas travel guide – comparison and recommendations

Are you looking for a Bahamas travel guide for a perfect vacation in the Caribbean?? I have tested and compared several travel guides for the travel guides. Here I would like to present the best Bahamas travel guides.

The best Bahamas travel guides – test, comparison and recommendations

The Bahamas are part of the West Indies and are an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, they are located between Cuba and Florida. The choice of travel guides for the Bahamas is limited. Not all guidebooks are up to date, some of the recommended books are also written in English.

Now I present the best travel guides for a perfect stay in the Bahamas.

Fodor's Travel – Bahamas travel guide in English language

This travel guide with 352 pages was written by locals and was published in April 2018. Fodor's Travel contains many glossy photos that will make you want to travel to the Bahamas. Furthermore, it is excellent for preparing a trip on your own, because it contains maps and a lot of information about the individual regions.

All the important information is present, plus there are many useful insider tips. Who is fit in English, I can recommend this travel guide without reservation.

The comprehensive Bahamas travel guide by Iwanowski

This Iwanowski with 288 pages will be available in April 2019 in the 4th edition. The first edition has been published and is therefore up to date. This travel guide by Iwanowski is the only German-language travel guide for The Bahamas. The guide was written by an experienced travel journalist and is ideal for individual travelers who want to get to know the Bahamas off the beaten track.

In addition, this Bahamas travel guide contains numerous tips for divers and water sports enthusiasts.

The Moon Bahamas Travel Guide

The Moon Bahamas Travel Guide is published in March 2019 in the first edition, with 350 pages this book in English is the most comprehensive travel guide for the Bahamas. There are many useful tips, information about important sights and highlights, detailed maps, appealing pictures and of course excellent recommendations for restaurants and accommodations.

There is also no lack of information for divers and water sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, there is a lot of background information about the Bahamas in terms of landscapes, geography, climate and history. In my eyes this is the best Bahamas travel guide.

The best Bahamas travel guides – my conclusion

In this post I have presented the three best travel guides for the Bahamas, two of them are written in English language. If you are looking for a comprehensive, German-language travel guide to the Bahamas, the Iwanowski* is a good choice.

If you have a good English, I can absolutely recommend the Bahamas travel guides from Moon* and Fodor's Travel*.

Did this post help you then? If so then share it =) Have you ever been to the Bahamas? If so, which guidebook did you have with you??

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