Bahamas tips: Romance, luxury and adventure

Sooner or later Bahamas tips appear in most travel guides – and not without reason. After all, the Central American archipelago is one of the most popular destinations among sun worshippers who want romantic moments with sun, beach and sea for their summer vacation. The dream islands of the Bahamas are counted as part of the Caribbean, and that's exactly what visitors notice on site, because perfect vacation feeling is pre-programmed here. White sandy beaches lined with tall palm trees, crystal clear water that stretches towards the horizon in all colors from light turquoise to dark blue and untouched nature provide idyll and relaxation. If you like, you can enjoy the sun all day long here. But those who want adventure and entertainment will also get their money's worth in the Bahamas. The Frequent Traveller has therefore compiled a list of the best Bahamas tips for a visit to the Caribbean paradise.

bahamas tips

Bahamas Tip 1: Paradise idyll for the soul

First of all, the Bahamas is known as a paradise destination for summer vacations – and rightly so. They consist of a total of over 700 islands, of which just 30 are actually inhabited. This means that there is a multitude of untouched dream islands and islets, which invite you to relax with a natural idyll and empty sandy beaches. Especially suitable are the so-called Out Islands, for example Abaco, Andros and Exumas, which promise an authentic Bahamian experience and pure relaxation. The dream island Cat Island with its pink beach is also an excellent address for all sun worshippers. The untouched nature and Mt. Alvernia, the highest point of the Bahamas, which offers a fantastic view over the sea, invites to long walks, while the long sandy beach and the cool water is a perfect tip for relaxing and swimming.

Bahamas Tip 2: Culture and luxurious entertainment

Certainly, sunbathing and relaxing in the Bahamas are part of every vacation, but if you want to round off the trip with culture and entertainment, this is also the right place to go. The capital Nassau on the main island New Providence is ideal for this purpose. Here you can stroll relaxed through the streets and be impressed by the pretty house facades and the unique atmosphere, reminiscent of the colonial era. If you want to learn more about the history, visit one of the beautiful museums of the capital city.

For first-class entertainment and lots of leisure fun then the luxurious Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island not far from Nassau provides. In addition to conference rooms and business facilities, it is known as a spacious sunshine dreamland and is not without reason called one of the most beautiful places in the Bahamas. The resort is committed to world-class entertainment and offers fun and excitement at its best for every guest, from golf on the Ocean Club Golf Course to the typical games in the magnificent casino.

Nassau's extensive offerings now include international events and tournaments, such as the prestigious PSPC and PCA poker tournaments, both of which will be held in Nassau in January 2023 at the well-known Baha Mar Hotel& Resort will take place. And also the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup has already been held in the Bahamas , most recently in 2017. The Brazilian team won the tournament with a 6-0 victory over Tahiti.

Bahamas Tips

Bahamas Tip 3: Animal experiences

For animal and water lovers the Bahamas are just right. With over 2.000 coral reefs that surround the dream islands, you can dive into a fascinating underwater world that will amaze even the most experienced divers. The colorfulness of the many fish and corals as well as the impressive "Dean's Blue Hole" on Long Island, which rises 180 meters into the depth and belongs to the deepest and most beautiful Blue Holes of the world, are a dream for all water lovers. Diving as well as snorkeling and swimming will allow you to admire the many sea creatures and enjoy the crystal clear water.

But even an animal you wouldn't expect to see in the ocean can be encountered swimming in the Bahamas: swimming piggies. In the Exumas, especially on Big Major Cay, which is also known as Pig Beach, visitors can bathe with wild pigs , which have settled here. They like to sleep under the palm trees in the shade, but also refresh themselves swimming in the cool sea with the people. This is a sweet adventure for all animal lovers. However, it is important here to give the animals their space and not to crowd them – they are wild animals after all.

As you can see in these Bahamas tips, the famous archipelago southeast of Florida and northeast of Cuba is a diverse and multifaceted dream destination in the Caribbean, which has a wide range of programs to offer for sun lovers, culture lovers and animal lovers. Here you can relax on the paradise beach, but also experience numerous adventures that you will not forget so quickly.

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