50 ideas for family activities in autumn

…if you need ideas, it's best to ask the kids. They always have. You can't always do them, because some of them are really crazy, but there are some feasible possibilities in between. And some are even really good. Something that all children like and every child comes around the corner with at some point are board games. The classic and always popular with young and old.

AMIGO – 6 takes! Board game

We like to play board games and have some on the shelf. Some we play over and over again, but we also like something new. Then we sit down (the girls and I) and read the instructions. Always one after the other, so we three know at the beginning of the game how it goes and can still complement each other's knowledge until we are properly "in it. Boys never read the instructions when they play – they'll be fine, they think. They do then, because we "know-it-alls" explain it to them.

Who takes 6! from AMIGO, as a card game already knows, needs with this game only very little guidance. If you don't know it, don't bother, the game rules for the 6 takes! Board games are uncomplicated and also for children very simple and understandable.

As with the card game, the same rule applies to the board game: whoever has to lay the sixth card takes the previous 5 and thus gets minus points.

So, it goes like this:

6 takes! Board game can be played with 2-6 players. There are small number tiles and a board with rows, on which the players place their number tiles. Depending on which numbers are on the first four tiles, you have to place them in the corresponding row. So far so good. But if you have to put down your number tile as the sixth one, you cash in other five and get red horndog points (minus points), which are written on the tiles.

Each player has his 12 number tiles in front of him at the beginning, shielded from the eyes of the others with the screens. These are in the same color as the counters, which each player puts on the 0 at the beginning of the game. Whoever scores points moves his counting piece that many spaces forward or backward.

6 takes board game AMIGO

The board game has some more possibilities, which make the game even more interesting and exciting. There are special fields and actions that you have to do when you stand on such a field and that can quickly make the players' score look completely different. There is also the possibility to play with the luck cards, which sort of expands the basic game a bit and when you become a skilled player, you can turn the board and play the professional version.

The game ends when all number tiles are played out. The winner is the one who has the most plus points.

Valuable time with children

These are only possibilities, the game has a basic game and if you don't want anything else, you can leave it at that. Interesting and exciting as well. We are currently playing only the basic version and we like it very much. We like the game, it has already become one of our favorite games. Uncomplicated and relaxed, yet exciting and something to laugh about. Perfect for an afternoon with the kids.

If you don't have an exciting game to play, there is something else you can do to make sure you don't get bored. You can go to the cinema or visit a museum or zoo, weather permitting. How about a movie marathon or pajama party? Or fly kites, do handicrafts or paint? Here are a few more ideas:

What else to do with kids at home, I wrote you in this post. This is what my kids like or liked when they were smaller. If the parents can't play and there are a lot of kids around, then the treasure hunt might be a good idea! But you can experience so much outside in autumn, despite or because of the autumn weather. And right now you can visit various museums, exhibitions or indoor playgrounds. I think autumn has so much to offer, you should take advantage of it. And if you can't go out, you always have a good board game to keep you busy at home.

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